Good morning, Good morning, Good morning

Well this ought to be an interesting experiment! Like many people I’m sure, I find myself taken with different thoughts and opinions on the world around me. I have, admittedly, a rather sarcastic and/or cynical way of expressing myself. Recently I noticed that I am not one to praise something in a strictly positive manner. Something is rarely “great!”, more often it “doesn’t suck”, or is “not the worst thing ever”. I mean well, and I’m a pretty optimistic person despite all this, I just have what we call a “dry” sense of humor, and it colors the way I see things.

“Coloring” the way I see things is an interesting description actually; in a way it serves to illustrate the reason I was finally motivated to start this blog. If there is to be a theme of my views, it is that issues are seldom black and white, seldom exclusively right or wrong, and that despite the seemingly increasing divide in society, I think that the majority lies in the middle, mainly because…well that’s what math says.

This blog will cover a range of topics because my mind tends to wander. Sports, politics, religion, movies, television, general musings, pretty much whatever comes to my mind. Hopefully it will be thoughtful and well articulated. I generally believe most problems people have come back to poor communication, and that if people were only skilled in communication we’d all probably get along a little better.

If you’re here, thanks for checking in, hopefully I can provide some interesting insights going forward, especially from the unique vantage point of a turtle stuck on a fence post!